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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices for tattoos?

Our shop minimum for tattoos is $75, and our hourly rate is $150 per hour. Pricing varies due to many different variables, so if you need a more accurate quote, we recommend stopping into the shop to do a consult with your artist.

What type of jewelry do you pierce with?

We only use implant-grade titanium jewelry, which is the absolute best metal you can put in your body.

Can you pierce my _______ with a hoop?

We do not start ANY piercing with a hoop. Fully healing your piercing with a high quality stud GREATLY increases the chances of a happy, healthy piercing.

Do you pierce minors?

We WILL perform certain piercings after certain age milestones. We pierce ear lobes for children 5 and older, and any other facial/ear piercings are judged on a case-to-case basis with maturity, the type of piercing, and age all being factors.

What are your prices for piercing?

Lobes - $90

Single Lobe - $75

Helix, Conch, Tragus, Daith, Rook - $75

Industrial - $80

Naval - $75

Nostril & Septum - $75

Lip, Philtrum, Labret, Smiley - $75

Tongue - $80

Brow - $75

Bridge - $75

Dermal - $80

Nipples - $125

Single Nipple - $75

VCH - $200

What do I need to do before my tattoo appointment?

We ask that you show up hydrated, and completely sober. We WILL NOT tattoo or pierce you if you are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. We recommend eating at least 2 hours prior to your appointment. Also, make sure you bring identification to your appointment, as we also need to scan it in order to tattoo/pierce you.

Do you tattoo minors?

We will tattoo 17 year old's with a legal guardian present.

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